4 advice by Warren Buffet

First of all – Warren Buffet – the most reachest man in the world! He is an extremely popular investor and billionaire.
Today I’d like to share with you, my brother and sister, his 4 advice:

  1. Reading every fucking day like a crazy man…or a woman.
  2. Find time to think about…something simple and oversee your thoughts every fucking day.
  3. Invest money in your developing and growing.
  4. Surround yourself a lot of right people who can share something new and extraordinary.

Someday I will be playing…like a pro

I really like to play on the guitar. During listening to a new song or a new bluesy composition I am imagining what I could be look staying on the stage or a scene and playing on my guitar before a crowd of thousands of people…or before lovely faces like my family and friends.

“Bloody hell! What? What did you say? You are fucking crazy…” – It’s all that I can get from my friends. You should only earn money and manage your fucking project without any obligations and imaginations, play and grow your children and kiss your wife many times a day, tell funny stories and to be a good father-dad and so on but not a motorbiker or guitar player on a stadium!

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If I can imagine it…I can achieve it! Right? Indeed or not?!?

Love of my life…Brian May.

Queen’s lovely song which inspired me to got the guitar and started to play many years ago…Brian is playing so amazingly… I like to hear this song on my hi-fi system in the dark closing my eyes and dreaming about my love. It’s adorable music…

Daily routine…and weekly

Today is my usual Monday. I woke up at about 6.00. Every Fucking day I train my body. I do a light version fo my personal training: 120-150 push up and vacuum 3-4 times and additionally, I use a roll to improve my 6 pack core muscles.

Tuesday and Saturday are my favorite days for Volleyball games. I like this games and I hope I am good as volleyball player.

Next my activity is English…don’t ask me how many hours I study English. I am crazy at Fucking English.

The most interesting and facsinating part is playing guitar. I keen on of it but now I have been studying English with LingvoExpert school and it spent all my free time. After ending this 8 month course I’ll restore my guitar excersises. I hope, I really hope that I will end all my second job activities and all summer weekends will play on my lovely guitar. I want to buy a new guitar amplifer or some device to extend my home guitar stuff collection.

Apart from that my collegue Victor has helped me to learn principles of cubic rubica. He gave  me a short instruction how puzzle it fast and productive. Now I am able to puzzle 2 rows of Cubic. It’s my a small achievment.

Of course, I love my family…I like to play chess with my daugher. A couple month ago It was funny but now It isn’t….He has been progerssing extremely fast and now I have to think of every fucking step during the chess match.

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I am alone. I feel completely destroyed…

I don’t know but last few days I feel completely destroyed. I can work, can drink and eat but I think I have deep depression, something like emptiness and alone. I am as on quarantine regime in my soul.

I do my routine and chores through significant effort and mind power. I don’t feel well. Something bad with me, I have to define the reason of this mind state.

I don’t tell someone something. I want to look at a one-point and don’t move.

No motivation, no energetic impact for my fucking ass, no fucking movement…No chance to create something new.

One story from my lost future…

Evening. Our Children are on the Dacha, it is the first time for a plant of weeks when our parents-in-law decided to take the children with. I, my love, am commuting after hard fucking workday: a ton of important issues and things, meetings and project discussions with foreign customers. I am waiting for the time when I can go out of my stuffy and crowdy office and ran home, to her, to my love.

On the way to home, I buy a small bouquet of her lovely and beautiful flowers, as an excuse for a small delay and to decorate our nice evening, I completely understand the most important moment would be when we will be together, only she and I, of course…it might be great sex or long street walk but it is not important what we will do and how – our aim of outranges love is to be together.

She, as usual beautiful and sexy, I look at her beloved eyes, subtle slyness glides in the corners of her jealous brown eyes, I am kissing passionately her chubby hot lips and taking off our clothes to take a shower quickly but together.
After it, Iand she quickly change your clothes to Casual street style. Your fucking modern and stylish suits will wait for us until next Monday. After a tasty short lunch which she prepared, she and I playfully look at each other to decide where are going and what to do.

I make one call – nobody to answer, she makes another call and another fault. Your beard and funny friend who lives on Santjago-De-Cuba street, today spends fucking time on a corporate party as usual. He has a lot of photographer deals. Her wife works too. Fucking bastards. Every Friday they don’t have time for relaxing.

She and I, despite Friday fatigue, offer her to go out and take a walk on the SPB streets to admire excellent views and white nights, because only there you notice an extremely powerful combination of nature, bridges, architecture and night walks. Or…ride on a motorbike.

You together go downstairs to your parking. There are your motorbikes which you use every day. Both of them are extremely expensive and powerful. She and I feel the good breeze in your chest when I turn on the key in the middle of the control panel in both of them. I have been dreaming to buy a new British bobber-style motorbike and this year she bought it after closing web site contracts on my happy birthday.

10 years ago she was against these fucking iron monsters completely and it was the reason for a fucking bunch of quarrelings but now she and I have totally decided all points of our disagreements.

Your marriage lasts many-many years and she created a perfect her body without any chance of fat or “orange cover” skin for many years of hard work in the gym. Her fitted body is envied every fatty woman in her gym. Holy shit!
She sits beside me in the black fitted leather biker costume, her hips are tightly covered with the leather clothes, her body plucked mind a lot of motor-brothers and she always drives in the crimson face paint more than one hundred car drivers who firmly stuck in their cars and traffic jams.

An engine of your British and stylish motorbike is switched on and as soon as possible she and I will ride slightly to the night roads.

After engine warming up, the moment has come when all 120 power horses with the branded deep and juicy exhaust rush and race you there where you can relax and forget all the burning issues.
She hugs you tightly, her legs lie on your hips. The back seat is wide enough not to fall in the steepest bends Zelenogorsk highway. Everything is fine: great weather, warm evening, no longer hot, but not cold. Your British V-twin engine rumbles like Bengal tiger, and you rush to meet the wind …

More advanced English

Today I recognized that my English is dirty and not elegant and I want to add in my active vocabulary a 10-30-50 good phrases and words which I can use to explain my feelings and my dreams. From this day I will start to add and use too, a lot of new lovely and powerful words about love, feeling, happiness and so on, about a man and a woman, their relationships etc.

I will read a ton of love songs and poems, novels to be more nontrivial in my posts. Now I don’t know why I want to do it but I will do it. Something like this

Картинки по запросу "love songs"

Or my lovely band in the world – Roxette.

75 post anniversary!

Recently I’ve written 75 posts. Cool-cool-cool. It’s a lot of posts which I’ve been creating when I opened my blog. Yes, I totally understand that I make a lot of mistakes. I did and I will do them but I hope after writing 1000 posts my style will be another than today.

I totally noticed, according to Covid-19 Panic in Russia has started from the last weekend. My childer have got information about changing of education type, I mean they will study via Skype or other messengers. It’s really cool solution to protect pandemic of Covid-19.

I strongly believe that our government is able to stop the illness in a short time and everything will be okay with my family, friends, and former friends and lovely co-workers.

Our company has involved a lot of Covid-19 protecting rules in offices like new washing hands rules and repeating room air conditioning. I hope it helps us to protect the fucking illness.

Holy shit! My dreams about a lovely vacation on a see have broken by Covid-19. No tickets, no tours, no wishes…only fears, expectations and speculations.

Additionally, RUB/USD and RUB/EUR – has decreased fucking dramatically. I lost a part of my money after declined OPEK deal.

I’d like to add that I started to involve a new habit as escaping fucking chips, crisps, shushka-plushka-barranca and so on. I really hope this habit helps me to decrease my weight to my target weight which I noticed in Aim 2020.