How to transfer your files from Android smartphone Mi Note 3 to Mac Os

I have a trouble with connecting my Mi Note 3 smartphone. My old Mac book doesn’t have any chance to connect and transfer file from the smartphone and today I decided to resolve that fucking trouble.

I’ve investigated that I should download Android Transfer application which you can download from the InterNet or on the link below:

After installing that application you should connect your smartphone through your cable and you’ll get a possibility to transfer your file in/to your smartphone.

I’d like to add that you should start that app before transfer your files and use native application Finder.


Saint Petersburg TV tower

I like the city. Nowadays It looks like a place from a movie. I mean the movies about ghosts and terrible situations. Look at the picture!

A lot of lights and darkness. I take a photo with TV tower every day when I go to work or have some business near that place. That photo I did a couple days before.

A big kick on my English knowledge

Today was a regular routine as a corporate English class and I thought that my grammar knowledge are good but after that lesson I haven’t thought so.

The first part of the current lesson was an absolutely hilarious and funny. We were discussing about music genres, bands and songs. Easy-peasy…but unfortunately the end ot the lesson was bad for my opinion about my English experience.

A teacher gave us a couple of grammar task and I felt that task confused me and I didn’t do it correctly.

The result – I have to repeat a lot of grammar rules and will do it again and again, every fucking weeks. Indeed.

My habbits are starting to be strong…

As you know i did a session of my new year’s resolution and created a bunch of points which I wanna achieve during the year.

The life habits are the most powerful and energetic part of your life, my dear. All your habbits define your success or failure in your life.

The main moving power of a new your habits is your discipline. Discipline has to develop your new habbits. As i understand only discipline can help me to add new habbits into my life.

The first step of developing new habbits is define the certain aim. Why should you have this habbit? The aim has to be tangible and achievble but a bit hard to achieve.

By example, i have to lose ten kilogramme of weight. Why should I lose them? Because of being healthy, having a great sex with your passion, being productive on your work and so on…

Motivation placards

Hello Brother and Sister!

Today, I’m gonna share an extremely powerful material – The placards for develope and burn motivation. You can easily download them on the link below: One bad thing is you have to subscribe via email.


New year’s resolutions

I ended all that jazz with celebrating holidays and returned to my current location. Today is 13th of January 2020 and I continue my lovely English dairy.

Last weekend was intensive and productive. From the start of the year, I decided to achieve what I really want and during my Estonian short vacation, I drafted a shortlist of new year obligations or resolutions. These points are simple but necessary issues and things for me, additionally, I’d like to add a couple of new life habits into my daily routine. 

So, Last weekend I visualized all my plan into a mind map, you know what type of mental visualization. On top of that an important part of doing and achieving yearly obligations I have to choose a mentor as a part of a process of achievements. 

There were a lot of candidates who could help me with it. Surely, all of us have plenty of friends and colleagues who can help you with something but this role is special. This person should be able to clarify, decide and me to achieve yearly aims. That aspect of him is the most important for us and me, indeed. The second element of achievement is power, positive attitude to yourself, motivation and ability to think of a(the) next step every fucking day of life and looking on your favourite yearly aims and repeat it again and again…