Used to… construction

Yesterday I got a new task from my office teacher about construction Used to and I found motivation picture using it. Enjoy!

I’d like to notify that I don’t publish any tips for English students because I don’t have any chance to learn them. My site, my posts are hobby.

Anyway, I used to go to a gym but after buying a new gym account, I have not used it anymore because I wanna play in volleyball with a team. Volleyball is an interesting game which develops my brain, moving reaction, improve power of my spine and after games I feel better.

  • I am used to do morning gymnastic. It’s true!
  • I can’t get used to getting up early. I work on it…
  • I get used to playing volleyball weekly.
  • I need to get used to speaking English every single day of my life)

Creative ads by BBC for Dracula fans!

You know, I thought that nothing to could change my mind about creative ads for a movie but they did it, I mean BBC designers who created absolutely fascinating ads promoting new series named Dracula from the creators of Sherlock.

In white time of a day you can see the regular add without any chance for magic but in the dark…

It looks absolutely dangerous and spectacular!

First business book in this year. Yeah!

One of the main things is reading new business books. The first book I’ve read since I marked my 2020 resolutions is “Responsibility in manager work” by V. Zhandarov. You can see the cover of the book near my description.

From my point of view, the book is easy to understand but the author describes all material crude and obscure, with a lot of stupid and rude comments.

I have not recommended that book for reading, totally, but my bosses were glad to read that book, what the surprise for me!

Anyway, I keep reading new books!

Phrasal verbs – how to learn and memorize them?

Yesterday I’ve started to learn my first problem – knowledge of phrasal verbs. as for me i have to create a system to memorize something new and I found a tip from Kangaroo English teacher who has been explained during his video about meaning of the most powerful part of phrasal verbs, i mean, particle.

I’d like to share his approach understanding of phrasal verbs system:

I’d like to share a Library with PDF-version of famous magazines

I’d like to recommend the resource to find a PDF-version of a bunch of famous magazines. Here you are:

As I noticed you can download the file if it available and surprisingly you are downloading them from VK secret pages. Russian are always special agents, as usual, you know what I mean, always hackers)

I’ve downloaded them to improve my reading skill, honestly, I like to read some helpful stuff which I interested in like guitar, relationship with women, business skills, or celebrity gossips.

Additionally, I like to observe a lot of adv pictures during reading to get new ideas from them. I used to create that type of Art a decade years ago.

The most popular magazine as I expected is Playboy magazine)…and a lot of men magazines. Exactly! You can check the top-10 list of magazines below:

Interestingly, the last position of the top-10 is Harvard business review)

A new plugin installed on my blog to help me understand my English mistakes.

A couple of days before I decided to add a new feature for my future users – a mailer for my English mistakes to me. It means that from Yesterday you have an opportunity to send me my mistakes which I have been doing in my posts. It’s a great idea to get feedback from my users.

How to use that feature you’ll ask me? It’s simple. Below every post, you can find the red icon and when you mark my mistake you should press buttons “Ctrl + Enter” together. That’s all but it helps me to know my mistakes.

Thanks a bunch, my users!

How to transfer your files from Android smartphone Mi Note 3 to Mac Os

I have a trouble with connecting my Mi Note 3 smartphone. My old Mac book doesn’t have any chance to connect and transfer file from the smartphone and today I decided to resolve that fucking trouble.

I’ve investigated that I should download Android Transfer application which you can download from the InterNet or on the link below:

After installing that application you should connect your smartphone through your cable and you’ll get a possibility to transfer your file in/to your smartphone.

I’d like to add that you should start that app before transfer your files and use native application Finder.


Saint Petersburg TV tower

I like the city. Nowadays It looks like a place from a movie. I mean the movies about ghosts and terrible situations. Look at the picture!

A lot of lights and darkness. I take a photo with TV tower every day when I go to work or have some business near that place. That photo I did a couple days before.

A big kick on my English knowledge

Today was a regular routine as a corporate English class and I thought that my grammar knowledge are good but after that lesson I haven’t thought so.

The first part of the current lesson was an absolutely hilarious and funny. We were discussing about music genres, bands and songs. Easy-peasy…but unfortunately the end ot the lesson was bad for my opinion about my English experience.

A teacher gave us a couple of grammar task and I felt that task confused me and I didn’t do it correctly.

The result – I have to repeat a lot of grammar rules and will do it again and again, every fucking weeks. Indeed.