Today I am a bit rusty…

As you mentioned, I love to play volleyball. It’s my favourite sports activity and as for me, I play volleyball twice a week. Yesterday I visited a traditional training with the cherry team because of it I feel rusty.

From my side, it’s so dynamic and energetic type of sport which can develop your speed, reaction, power and fast thinking to do the next step.

I strongly believe that it protects my body and do my back straight and strong.

Additionally, I get a lot of good opportunities to see beautiful girls which play with me and near me I play and train with Cherry team which has about 10 girls in various sizes and play quality. From my point of view the best way to have a good and stable state of volleyball is playing a lot with various players.

On Saturdays I play with two men teams who play extremely hard and fast compare to sexy cherry team.

Anyway, both possibilities do healthy me and my old body. Indeed.

Last volleyball training

As for me the last volleyball training was an extremely powerful and useful. What I should to say is the upper pass (it’s strange for me but pass is the word to describe this action in Volleyball in Russia) is the most difficult part of playing Volleyball.

You have to do it correctly and easy. Your ability should develop and improve from a game to a game. From my point of view I started to develop that skill a bunch of years ago.

Welcome to the volleyball team

Yesterday I had sport routine as my Volleyball time. I am used to training my Volleyball skills as a hit, an attack, blocking and so on. Additionally, I like to do a lot of jumps during training.

I have begun to notice that my hit accuracy is decreasing and it seems the reason for it – my eyes. My vision is dramatically dropped down. I get used glasses when I was young and now I am used to using it when I am driving a car.
Occasionally, I understand that I have a chance to decide the problem with hitting balls in Volleyball – yesterday I tried to use contact lenses on my training. It works, mother fuckers!!! It helped me to hit the balls more accuracy and I’ve added more power hitting the ball than without them!

After my training I got … drum roll please offer to join to a Volleyball team as a player. Great news for but my wife has used that news for a lot of jokes, I mean, she asked me about the Olympic games or famous competitions and so on)

As for me – it is a great chance to be more active and younger, you know what I mean, but I will spend more time on it.

The first training is scheduled on the next Sunday. Yep-yep-yep!

Welcome to the club)))

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