A new psycho book in the reading queue

What I really want to do is reading a lot of books. It’s extremely motivated me to be more active, energized, try to do something new, achieve new goals and aims, be polite and so on.

After reading a mediocre book about flirt, sex and relationships I slightly shifted my reading focus to another direction like happiness and how to be happier than I am now.
This is an interesting book by Russian psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky. Surely, I’ve downloaded a trial version of his book form the Internet and I like his book. It’s absolutely fascinating and emotional with a ton of examples from his psycho experience.

I will and I will – the title of the book by M. Labkovsky. I’ve read several pages and feel that I should change my attitude to my life and my wishes and my thoughts about the near future.

Here you can find his Instagram account – a lot of motivational quotes and pictures by him and with him.

From my point of view, Mikhail collected a bunch of famous techniques into one helpful mixture. His point of view is cost-effective and understandable.

After reading this book I’d like to share my opinion about his ideas and thoughts which he shared through this book.