Snow day…in SPB

A couple of hours ago snow is coming in SPb. I like it. Snow. It’s a beautiful time when you can see all as in a dream. The whole city is in snow. Real Magic!

I was born in North small city. It is a small town where I felt happy and I feel happy a short period of time visiting my relationships.

In May 2010 I was there but with a tragic issue…It seems ….Nevermind.

North, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Used to… construction

Yesterday I got a new task from my office teacher about construction Used to and I found motivation picture using it. Enjoy!

I’d like to notify that I don’t publish any tips for English students because I don’t have any chance to learn them. My site, my posts are hobby.

Anyway, I used to go to a gym but after buying a new gym account, I have not used it anymore because I wanna play in volleyball with a team. Volleyball is an interesting game which develops my brain, moving reaction, improve power of my spine and after games I feel better.

  • I am used to do morning gymnastic. It’s true!
  • I can’t get used to getting up early. I work on it…
  • I get used to playing volleyball weekly.
  • I need to get used to speaking English every single day of my life)

Saint Petersburg TV tower

I like the city. Nowadays It looks like a place from a movie. I mean the movies about ghosts and terrible situations. Look at the picture!

A lot of lights and darkness. I take a photo with TV tower every day when I go to work or have some business near that place. That photo I did a couple days before.