The song of my day and my fucking mood

I like blues….that type of music really motivate me to get my blondie guitar and do a fucking bunch of bands with a tremolo effect. I am on the way to play it.

The song of the day…

Today was a bit hard-working day with a million things which I had to do. The most important was delivering my brother from Airport to his clinic. He has a terrible disease which hurts him a lot. Fucking disease hard has transformed his body and his bones. I really feel pain when I meet with him every time. I love him a lot, yes,…really It hurts me. He isn’t able to work and he spends a lot of time to be more energized.

What I could do to stop this disease is helping him with that shit like buyin special medicine, pills, special vitamins and so on. Of course, it costs a bunch of money but….nevermind, I like to help him and I have to do it, it’s my debt.

Sometimes I am feeling terrible pain in my soul when I am arguing with my wife about this type of help but It’s my debt to do something with this brother’s disease.

After ending today’s workday, I was choosing a lot of new bluesy songs which I’ve added into my lovely playlist on Yandex.Music streaming service.

When I am listening to music I immerse into my deeply think process to observe my feeling and my project, wishes and dreams about the future.

Yes, I totally understand nowadays we are going to keep our asses at home and keep our health well but I like dreaming about my future. I live when I dream.

My progress in guitar exercises

A couple of days ago I was recording the first version of acoustic background track for “Because you love me” song by Kaz Hawkins.

Recently I’ve sent a message to Kaz producer with asking to send me notes for this song. I hoped that he or she could send me that fucking stuff. Damn! No chance to get it from them.

Because of it, I’ve started to do it myself. Yes, I know, it is really hard to compile music and record it step by step. But vice versa I did a part of the song.

The most difficult part will be singing because my voice is too deep and non-appliable for this song but I’ll try to do the best version of my abilities. Maybe I would change a bit my voice applying song editors or some applications. I’ll try to find out solutions for this topic.

The problem is I don’t have a microphone to record my voice. Sure, I can use an internal microphone but I guess the quality of it is too low for my aim. Additionally, I should develop my vocal abilities to sing the song correctly with correct and perfect breathing. The question is how can develop it in so short time, I mean, 2-3 weeks? Bloody hell. How many questions and no answers. There are only my creative thoughts on the way to produce the song…

Fucking Covid-19 isolation…Billie Eilish interview

Today I was surprised by Billie Eilish. I watched an interview with her and she is fucking awesome.

I am fucked up thinking that she is only teenager’s music. after watching the video I’ve changed my opinion about her. She is brilliant and fascinating. Damn! She is 18 or a bit more but she is on the top of music Olymp! What the dickens? I reckon the most power of the Internet are public video services and it’s a new reality to perform new songwriters and singers to the top of the music industry.

…Damn, it’s a modern reality when you kick ass and grow up with Internet helping and supporting.

Love of my life…Brian May.

Queen’s lovely song which inspired me to got the guitar and started to play many years ago…Brian is playing so amazingly… I like to hear this song on my hi-fi system in the dark closing my eyes and dreaming about my love. It’s adorable music…

More advanced English

Today I recognized that my English is dirty and not elegant and I want to add in my active vocabulary a 10-30-50 good phrases and words which I can use to explain my feelings and my dreams. From this day I will start to add and use too, a lot of new lovely and powerful words about love, feeling, happiness and so on, about a man and a woman, their relationships etc.

I will read a ton of love songs and poems, novels to be more nontrivial in my posts. Now I don’t know why I want to do it but I will do it. Something like this

Картинки по запросу "love songs"

Or my lovely band in the world – Roxette.

An amazing blues song of my day

I’d like to recommend a song by Kaz Hawkins. I haven’t a clue who she is but her voice is fascinating and beautiful and a bit rusty, maybe sexy), who knows. I get used listen to music via It’s a service like Itunes to choose your preferable and favourite music, only for you, for your mood and feeling… Brilliant service for me.

Let’s listen to that bluesy song!

After listening to that song a couple of times I’ve found her web site. She is ….adorable. Her voice and songs. I’ve stuck to her music. Indeed.