My progress in guitar exercises

A couple of days ago I was recording the first version of acoustic background track for “Because you love me” song by Kaz Hawkins.

Recently I’ve sent a message to Kaz producer with asking to send me notes for this song. I hoped that he or she could send me that fucking stuff. Damn! No chance to get it from them.

Because of it, I’ve started to do it myself. Yes, I know, it is really hard to compile music and record it step by step. But vice versa I did a part of the song.

The most difficult part will be singing because my voice is too deep and non-appliable for this song but I’ll try to do the best version of my abilities. Maybe I would change a bit my voice applying song editors or some applications. I’ll try to find out solutions for this topic.

The problem is I don’t have a microphone to record my voice. Sure, I can use an internal microphone but I guess the quality of it is too low for my aim. Additionally, I should develop my vocal abilities to sing the song correctly with correct and perfect breathing. The question is how can develop it in so short time, I mean, 2-3 weeks? Bloody hell. How many questions and no answers. There are only my creative thoughts on the way to produce the song…

Love of my life…Brian May.

Queen’s lovely song which inspired me to got the guitar and started to play many years ago…Brian is playing so amazingly… I like to hear this song on my hi-fi system in the dark closing my eyes and dreaming about my love. It’s adorable music…

The first demo sessions of recording my guitar

Yesterday I tried to record my guitar using standard GarageBand application. I connected my guitar through Yamaha THR10 ….and after installing a new driver for THR10 my sound was recorded! Cool!

Next step was a drums track with my guitar rhythm section. I added a sample of drums but the result was awful. The tempo of it was a bit speedy compare to my guitar part. I was trying to synchronize it but I didn’t do it successfully.

Today I’ll try to find a way to resolve the issue. Additionally, I should define the right tempo for guitar and maybe I should re-record the guitar track.

Next – Yesterday I signed up for a vocal course to check my voice and my ability to sing the song. First time I try to do it for myself. It’s fucking hilarious)

To be continue…

I bet a great deal…

I always try to play on my guitar but it was without any reasons and aims. Only as fun. Honestly, I did a lot of attempts to improve the quality of playing and I’ve fallen all of those.

Finally, I wanted to find the reason for my procrastination. And now I bet to play only one song but completely, I mean, I should learn it completely – with chords, lyrics, solo and collect all that jazz into one song. I will be difficult to do but I’ll try to achieve it.

I did a plan for it:

  • I found a song which liked. I like blues, you know.
  • I printed chords and text, then…
  • I transcribed solos and wrote down all notes.
  • Additionally, I found a great website to look up chords for any song. Here you are – Chordify
  • Next step will be a lot of practice and mix it in one song.
  • I guess I will use my old MacOs to record it via Garageband application.
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