A point in my list of read books

One of my colleagues advised me a new book for reading. It was a lot of weeks ago and a couple weeks ago I tried to find it in electronic version like mobs-file or PDF-file but I haven’t found it. After 2-3 days I found the book. The book – “The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable – The Story Of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels” by Lee Carroll. You can buy it here by example, Amazon.com

I am really advise you, brothers and sisters, to read it. The book is interesting and can help them of us who lost the track and the way, who cannot find the personality, your identify in the life. You can read it easily.

From my perspective, the most difficult and interesting part of the book is the part in the end where you can start to think what you can change in your dark life. The main actor, through book lines and pages, shows us the main idea – you are the best in whole ficking world, you are an uniquem and you have to find your personal way in the life. The seven homes are metaphors of our personal skill or knacks which we must develop every day and do not go your life down. You should like every cell in your body: you nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears, arms and legs, butt and so on, and don’t envy other people in the world.

All of us can win achieve everything in the life: find a new great job, find your second beloved part, find your mission and purpose, find you strength side and weakest side. The life presented us a fucking bunch of chances to change the way, every step in our life is unique, we don’t have predefined ways but, from my opinion, someone on the heaven decides what we should do and shouldn’t. IT always knows all about us, about our thoughts and intentions, plans and can give us a heaven fucking kick to change our opinion about the next step on the life way.

I feel influence of higher power in certain points of my life where I must make a decision of something important for me…All people which you can meet on your way aren’t random, they are predefined, totally. Every fucking person who meet with you or work with you can give you something new and helpful for you, you can accept it or decline but these opportunities are happing every second.

This books allows us to think about your current situation, who are you right now and what the hell is going on with you? I wonder how many people change their job after reading the book?) I reckon a fucking millions of people work on their hating positions but the can work in other places and other companies and like what they do or create. But It’s so tricky to take your ass and change your life. And…the book can change your point of view and change your life immediately.

We live only a once and we can be happy in the life every year, every week, every day and every fucking second, we must be happy with whom who love you, who live with you and who work with you. It is our life and only we decide the environment to the life. Take control of the life: improve your body, your soul, your mentality, your health! Love and life…forever.

I highly recommend to read this book: read it immediately, brothers and sisters. Indeed.

Катя Бекинселова…Kate Beckinsale video

I have a big problem with recognizing women speech and my new challenge is watching every Fucking day a new video with women voice to be more polite with it.

Today I found interesting a lot of video with the famous and adorable woman – Kate Beckinsale and a famous journalist Stephen Colbert. She is extremely brilliant and she knows a bit Russian. You can watch this video on my current page. she is 45 and It seems that she looks so beautiful because of her frecking vampier movies, totally! She always kicks their vampier asses every day!

The most hilarious part in the mentioned video was a part when Kate and a journalist were discussing Kate’s Instagram. Sorry, I have logged out from my Instagram and sent “fuck off” all my social networks. Anyway, she was describing a bunch photos from her Instagram and on one of the photos a journalist noticed a lamp with a penis) Of course, the TV channel banned a part of the image but you can check this photo on the Internet. Why did I write all this scrap about, she has to get out this fucking lamp from her home but I hope it\’s lovely ex-husband memorabilia.

Additionally, I got a couple of new phrases from the video like “I aced it” and She is an impeccable lady (this phrase from my Estonian teacher who has been learning with me many years). Only English, Fucking English, brothers and sisters! Cheers!

Fucking Covid-19 isolation…Billie Eilish interview

Today I was surprised by Billie Eilish. I watched an interview with her and she is fucking awesome.

I am fucked up thinking that she is only teenager’s music. after watching the video I’ve changed my opinion about her. She is brilliant and fascinating. Damn! She is 18 or a bit more but she is on the top of music Olymp! What the dickens? I reckon the most power of the Internet are public video services and it’s a new reality to perform new songwriters and singers to the top of the music industry.

…Damn, it’s a modern reality when you kick ass and grow up with Internet helping and supporting.

4 advice by Warren Buffet

First of all – Warren Buffet – the most reachest man in the world! He is an extremely popular investor and billionaire.
Today I’d like to share with you, my brother and sister, his 4 advice:

  1. Reading every fucking day like a crazy man…or a woman.
  2. Find time to think about…something simple and oversee your thoughts every fucking day.
  3. Invest money in your developing and growing.
  4. Surround yourself a lot of right people who can share something new and extraordinary.

Love of my life…Brian May.

Queen’s lovely song which inspired me to got the guitar and started to play many years ago…Brian is playing so amazingly… I like to hear this song on my hi-fi system in the dark closing my eyes and dreaming about my love. It’s adorable music…

One story from my lost future…

Evening. Our Children are on the Dacha, it is the first time for a plant of weeks when our parents-in-law decided to take the children with. I, my love, am commuting after hard fucking workday: a ton of important issues and things, meetings and project discussions with foreign customers. I am waiting for the time when I can go out of my stuffy and crowdy office and ran home, to her, to my love.

On the way to home, I buy a small bouquet of her lovely and beautiful flowers, as an excuse for a small delay and to decorate our nice evening, I completely understand the most important moment would be when we will be together, only she and I, of course…it might be great sex or long street walk but it is not important what we will do and how – our aim of outranges love is to be together.

She, as usual beautiful and sexy, I look at her beloved eyes, subtle slyness glides in the corners of her jealous brown eyes, I am kissing passionately her chubby hot lips and taking off our clothes to take a shower quickly but together.
After it, Iand she quickly change your clothes to Casual street style. Your fucking modern and stylish suits will wait for us until next Monday. After a tasty short lunch which she prepared, she and I playfully look at each other to decide where are going and what to do.

I make one call – nobody to answer, she makes another call and another fault. Your beard and funny friend who lives on Santjago-De-Cuba street, today spends fucking time on a corporate party as usual. He has a lot of photographer deals. Her wife works too. Fucking bastards. Every Friday they don’t have time for relaxing.

She and I, despite Friday fatigue, offer her to go out and take a walk on the SPB streets to admire excellent views and white nights, because only there you notice an extremely powerful combination of nature, bridges, architecture and night walks. Or…ride on a motorbike.

You together go downstairs to your parking. There are your motorbikes which you use every day. Both of them are extremely expensive and powerful. She and I feel the good breeze in your chest when I turn on the key in the middle of the control panel in both of them. I have been dreaming to buy a new British bobber-style motorbike and this year she bought it after closing web site contracts on my happy birthday.

10 years ago she was against these fucking iron monsters completely and it was the reason for a fucking bunch of quarrelings but now she and I have totally decided all points of our disagreements.

Your marriage lasts many-many years and she created a perfect her body without any chance of fat or “orange cover” skin for many years of hard work in the gym. Her fitted body is envied every fatty woman in her gym. Holy shit!
She sits beside me in the black fitted leather biker costume, her hips are tightly covered with the leather clothes, her body plucked mind a lot of motor-brothers and she always drives in the crimson face paint more than one hundred car drivers who firmly stuck in their cars and traffic jams.

An engine of your British and stylish motorbike is switched on and as soon as possible she and I will ride slightly to the night roads.

After engine warming up, the moment has come when all 120 power horses with the branded deep and juicy exhaust rush and race you there where you can relax and forget all the burning issues.
She hugs you tightly, her legs lie on your hips. The back seat is wide enough not to fall in the steepest bends Zelenogorsk highway. Everything is fine: great weather, warm evening, no longer hot, but not cold. Your British V-twin engine rumbles like Bengal tiger, and you rush to meet the wind …

More advanced English

Today I recognized that my English is dirty and not elegant and I want to add in my active vocabulary a 10-30-50 good phrases and words which I can use to explain my feelings and my dreams. From this day I will start to add and use too, a lot of new lovely and powerful words about love, feeling, happiness and so on, about a man and a woman, their relationships etc.

I will read a ton of love songs and poems, novels to be more nontrivial in my posts. Now I don’t know why I want to do it but I will do it. Something like this

Картинки по запросу "love songs"

Or my lovely band in the world – Roxette.

My English activities kill me…

Recently I’ve recognized that my English activities spend a huge amount of time in my life. I read, write, speak, try to memorize, recall, consult, tell dirty words for myself, and so on. additionally, I have Lucas English class with my co-workers.

All activities drive me crazy! The last point was a new intermediate test which surprisingly I got from my teacher. What the fuck? Where is his plan for education?

I was in Moscow and sat in a cafe to do this fucking test! My smartphone was almost empty and I was trying to get audio files and translate fucking English voices through my old KOSS Porta Pro headphones. Internet connection was terrible and slow.

I was not on cloud nine when I did the test! The teacher said that it’s not a problem wor him and he isn’t concerned! Fuck ME! He isn’t concerned! It’s I was concerned that I didn’t prepare for that test and I was on a business trip. My head was full of fucking issues with my customers and external jobs. I sent the test but from my point of view, I was fucked, totally, fucked!

Holy shit, Lucas, you could send the test before our lesson to have time for preparing for us. Now I am in the emotional stress state of the passing this test and the final test.

In conclusion, the current weekend I wanna plan a lot of new English exercises to pass the final test in another case I should pay extra money for the English course. Fuck a duck…

English practice everywhere…

A couple years ago I couldn’t think about translating motivation phrases from Russian to English and last weekend something has reminded me about that idea.

I was thinking about it a pair of days and started to collect a list of motivators as my favourite list of them.

Before last weekend The list has done and I started to create a new project with the list.

Sorry, I cannot unhide the person whom I do it but the main reason is checking English skill, how can I translate it from Russian to English? Additionally, After translation I’ve checked the list with my Estonian grammar nazi who is my general English teacher and who has been improved my English level.

I did it but with technical point of view I should correct it a bit because after the next stage I couldn’t change anything, only move it in trash if i find mistakes.