A point in my list of read books

One of my colleagues advised me a new book for reading. It was a lot of weeks ago and a couple weeks ago I tried to find it in electronic version like mobs-file or PDF-file but I haven’t found it. After 2-3 days I found the book. The book – “The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable – The Story Of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels” by Lee Carroll. You can buy it here by example, Amazon.com

I am really advise you, brothers and sisters, to read it. The book is interesting and can help them of us who lost the track and the way, who cannot find the personality, your identify in the life. You can read it easily.

From my perspective, the most difficult and interesting part of the book is the part in the end where you can start to think what you can change in your dark life. The main actor, through book lines and pages, shows us the main idea – you are the best in whole ficking world, you are an uniquem and you have to find your personal way in the life. The seven homes are metaphors of our personal skill or knacks which we must develop every day and do not go your life down. You should like every cell in your body: you nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears, arms and legs, butt and so on, and don’t envy other people in the world.

All of us can win achieve everything in the life: find a new great job, find your second beloved part, find your mission and purpose, find you strength side and weakest side. The life presented us a fucking bunch of chances to change the way, every step in our life is unique, we don’t have predefined ways but, from my opinion, someone on the heaven decides what we should do and shouldn’t. IT always knows all about us, about our thoughts and intentions, plans and can give us a heaven fucking kick to change our opinion about the next step on the life way.

I feel influence of higher power in certain points of my life where I must make a decision of something important for me…All people which you can meet on your way aren’t random, they are predefined, totally. Every fucking person who meet with you or work with you can give you something new and helpful for you, you can accept it or decline but these opportunities are happing every second.

This books allows us to think about your current situation, who are you right now and what the hell is going on with you? I wonder how many people change their job after reading the book?) I reckon a fucking millions of people work on their hating positions but the can work in other places and other companies and like what they do or create. But It’s so tricky to take your ass and change your life. And…the book can change your point of view and change your life immediately.

We live only a once and we can be happy in the life every year, every week, every day and every fucking second, we must be happy with whom who love you, who live with you and who work with you. It is our life and only we decide the environment to the life. Take control of the life: improve your body, your soul, your mentality, your health! Love and life…forever.

I highly recommend to read this book: read it immediately, brothers and sisters. Indeed.

Labkovsky’s book has read and a new one by Sue Johnson is started.

A couple of days ago I have ended reading a book by Labkovsky. It was an extremely useful book for me, I’ve got and clarified a huge massive of my thoughts. I recognized my living mistakes and faults. You know, experience and impotent disease are going with years. This phrase always told me my first boss, the grand-pa Boiker. He was and he is funny and absolutely wise. I liked to work with him for 3 years. It was so happier and helpful years for my personality. Yes, we drunk vodka sometimes but it was a part of my carrier. It helped me to be more open-minded and polite with other people, I mean, my co-workers. In that time, I’ve started to meet with the first my clients and be more sociable.

Anyway, my new book is about love and I really hope to get more information about how to restore the relationship which has been demaged.

Yesterday I’ve read a couples chapters of the new reading book and I totally understand, I’ve not mistaken about the chosen book.

My plan works. I read 1 book per month. It’s comfortable reading speed for me.

Labkovsky’s book. I’m reading…

Recently I’ve started to read a good book by Mikhail Labkovsky, I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in my blog. He is a brilliant psychologist or the same specialist. It’s difficult for me to recognize a certain medical specification.

On his epic books, he describes situations which happen with us every fucking day, every time when you or we connect to each other as family, love relations, sex, life, thoughts, procrastination and so on.

10 years ago I would not choose that type of books but now I like books which investigate people and their relations. Perhaps, I stood older and a bit smarter, and I find the solutions of my crazy wishes and dreams.

From my perspective, every man and woman should study myself, it helps to improve self-orientation and confidence.

I’ve got form this book a new wave of my personality and attitude to external actions and internal thoughts.

Here you can find his Youtube channel – Labkovsky Youtube