Whatever happens I keep learn English

No matter what happens with my and my job I’ll keep learning English. Whoever influences me, I wanna love myself and my decisions. Wherever I will be, I’ll ready to do it immediately.

Two days I was eating only apples, it was an extremely difficult experience for my health but I did it) First day was an easiest of both but the second – an extremely difficult and my brain didn’t work properly and I felt a couple of dizziness episodes with me.

No matter who learnt me this tactic I was ready for this situation. My blood pressure was a bit lower than usual but I felt well excluding mentioned dizziness episodes.

My former classmate form Finland opened the motorbike season in Suomi and I was glad to hear it from him via WhatsApp application. today he shared a couple of taking photos with his extremely powerful motorbike BMW K1600. No matter where I will be I will ready to help him. Wherever I will be and whatever I will do….He is the best former classmate who motivate me to buy a new motorbike in two years.

A point in my list of read books

One of my colleagues advised me a new book for reading. It was a lot of weeks ago and a couple weeks ago I tried to find it in electronic version like mobs-file or PDF-file but I haven’t found it. After 2-3 days I found the book. The book – “The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable – The Story Of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels” by Lee Carroll. You can buy it here by example, Amazon.com

I am really advise you, brothers and sisters, to read it. The book is interesting and can help them of us who lost the track and the way, who cannot find the personality, your identify in the life. You can read it easily.

From my perspective, the most difficult and interesting part of the book is the part in the end where you can start to think what you can change in your dark life. The main actor, through book lines and pages, shows us the main idea – you are the best in whole ficking world, you are an uniquem and you have to find your personal way in the life. The seven homes are metaphors of our personal skill or knacks which we must develop every day and do not go your life down. You should like every cell in your body: you nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears, arms and legs, butt and so on, and don’t envy other people in the world.

All of us can win achieve everything in the life: find a new great job, find your second beloved part, find your mission and purpose, find you strength side and weakest side. The life presented us a fucking bunch of chances to change the way, every step in our life is unique, we don’t have predefined ways but, from my opinion, someone on the heaven decides what we should do and shouldn’t. IT always knows all about us, about our thoughts and intentions, plans and can give us a heaven fucking kick to change our opinion about the next step on the life way.

I feel influence of higher power in certain points of my life where I must make a decision of something important for me…All people which you can meet on your way aren’t random, they are predefined, totally. Every fucking person who meet with you or work with you can give you something new and helpful for you, you can accept it or decline but these opportunities are happing every second.

This books allows us to think about your current situation, who are you right now and what the hell is going on with you? I wonder how many people change their job after reading the book?) I reckon a fucking millions of people work on their hating positions but the can work in other places and other companies and like what they do or create. But It’s so tricky to take your ass and change your life. And…the book can change your point of view and change your life immediately.

We live only a once and we can be happy in the life every year, every week, every day and every fucking second, we must be happy with whom who love you, who live with you and who work with you. It is our life and only we decide the environment to the life. Take control of the life: improve your body, your soul, your mentality, your health! Love and life…forever.

I highly recommend to read this book: read it immediately, brothers and sisters. Indeed.

Shortly report about me and my environment

I had an extremely hardworking week. Surprisingly my punisher’s switched off English language in out long chat and now we are chatting only in Russian. From my perspective It’s good point to understand thoughts and the conversation more clearly and natively so…let’s do it on Russian. It’s not a problem for me. My mother is a Russian language teacher and I hope my Russian skill is perfect)

If you ask me about fucking Covid-19, I’d like to say FUCK YOU! I hate this topic. I hear about it everywhere. My wife always watch a fucking bunch of TV shows about Covod-19 and our celebrities use Covid-19 to promote themselves. From my point of view it’s the best opportunity to improve their rating and add a couple of fucking millions of members to their instagram-accounts, fucking bitches. By example, Stas Mikhailov was killing Covid-19 and now he is happy and I noticed his smiling face on the first channel of Russian TV! I’m not sure that he had the Covid-19. I hope yes but I think it’s is only the trend to have Covid-19 disease. I am fed up with talking about Covid-19. Please, change the topic, motherfuckers!

This week is the third week in the isolation. Yes, sometimes I go out from my home to buy a couple bags of products, food and some requiring goods but usually I am at home. Th isolations kills me mentally. Sure. It’s not my nature. I like to meet with people and now I hate every thing in my home. I am fed up with sitting at home and working without any connection to the real world! It’s so unnatural for me!

Yesterday, I gave a virtual kick from my English class. I did a lot of fucking mistakes. Yes, I am so stupid and not using all my brain and opportunities to improve my English. Additionally, before the lesson, I was preparing a challenging answer to my colleagues – I was recording a small video with my and my lovely blondie guitar. Yeah, It was an extremely useful experience. I used another approach to record my guitar playing: I was recording video on my smartphone and, in the same time, I was recording the track on MacBook Pro. My MacBook is too old but work perfectly for regular tasks like letters writing or browser surfing but for music recording it works a bit slowly.

I haven’t got my quarter bonus and I expected to spend my bonus to buy a used next generation MacBook. I hoped but….Fucking Covid-19 totally destroyed all my wishes to buy it. Not to mention of my new plans to buy a new goods.

Anyway, I’d like to share my experience to avoid social networking. I feel well after logged out from all my social networks. Sometimes, 1 time a month, I observe my Instagram account and add a couple of photos from my life just for fun and follow on my lovely punisher…maybe she’ll add a couple new shots or impressive dances. It’s only one exception.

Coffee, yes I like this beautiful and tasty drink but I excluded it from my life. Now I drink only green or seldom black tee with lemon.

From this week, following punisher advice, I’ve added a new healthy habit – every fucking morning I drink one or two glasses of water with lemon.

Next challenge is fasting weekend. I will be eating only green apples and drinking green tea with lemon. I’ll try…

Yesterday’s thoughts

Yesterday was a brilliant day. I like to give presents more than take them. It maybe sounds strange but its really true. I like to see sparkles in the eyes when someone takes a present accidentally without any excuses and reasons only because she or he is in the world. It is fucking awesome and …sure, look on the bright side, I totally understand sometimes it looks strange to get presents from a person who only works with you.

I feel something but I am afraid to confess myself that my efforts and my pressure would have not got the result what I expect. It is my old habit – try to achieve something what I definitely want but II know in advance that this will be a disastrous idea, but still, I am confused to achieve the aim, so that it does not. And what is most surprising, the pain, my mental pain, of awareness of failure will be stronger at the end of the way than at the moment when I already realize the awareness of the failed idea, but I continue to realize it and strive for it with demonic strength.

Let’s give you a short example: when I was young I always dreamt about a new ice-hockey skate. I was drawing them, painting and so on. It was in USSR when there was a lack of goods and I and my family didn’t have any chance to buy them for me. But I was trying to find the skates again and again: I was asking everywhere and my friends…and surprisingly, my brother found them. His classmate was selling a new pair of skates and my parents bought them me. I was very happy!

I have to look on the bright side, It is very difficult to achieve what you really want. Sometimes my wishes are extremely difficult to get or achieve, and I know, I will be feeling absolutely depressing mental state when I don’t achieve the aim, I will be completely destroyed. It’s my nature but it will be in the future not now. How many times I have been trying to escape this mental traps of my wishes but I couldn’t.

Now I feel I am again in the trouble of my mental traps and the issue can dramatically destroy a lot of my perspectives, dreams, wishes and future, and in additional, my relationships. I constantly analyse and scroll through scenarios of my nearest future and I cannot find the answers on my questions which I ask myself every fucking day. That mental or brain turnaround makes me crazy and I have to defeat of double troubles.

Deeply inside

I strongly believe everything in my life is predefined. Someone, I haven’t a clue – who is it, created a plan for my life. Every person, every episode and every fucking second of my life are predefined.

On my life way, I always meet, discuss, argue with someone who helps me to do something or hurts me. It’s only an experience which studies you, personally, to be more polite, careful, strong and so on.

I feel and hope there are strong differences between your, I am sorry, my wishes and my achievements. For example, every day I try to make a plan but a lot of external influences try to break the rules and destroy your plan completely. We plan our lives either to achieve something important or something necessary for you or for your family, of course, maybe a company.

Any excuse is good to not doing something important to you and I’d like to be hardworking in my life and in my company. Sure, I am a bit crazy when I am working on my perspective projects or wishes. I can do a lot and fast to achieve the aims. It’s my work religion.

You may be surprised but I am the one project manager who achieves a full pack of salary bonuses in my company. Anyway, the reality is extremely different and it always bumps me into the wall to dust off all my craziest dreams and wished, and returns me on the ground. On the positive side, it is a good habit to be a winner in life but on the negative side, it is dramatically hard to be concentrated and focused on a million of things which I want to achieve…

People always judge you by your car or your spacious flat. From my perspective, it’s not necessary for me. Of course, I like expensive muscle cars but I don’t have any chance to buy one of them. It’s a craziness to do it.

I like to deliver my suspicious knowledge like English, project management, self-improving and so on. I read books every day. This is what I really like – I like to grub something new from articles, especially, English-writing articles. I am proud of my grandpa who was a leader of communistic party in USSR but he has been helping a million of people in Murmansk with flats, clinics, special medicine and pills and so on. He is my hero. I hope I will be like him, the leader of something. I must admit my family often compares me with my level grandpa. Honestly, he has died few months ago…black part of my life.

Nevermind, I keep going and doing what I really like and want to achieve.

I like…

The thing is I like to start my day like today. What I mean is I like to study English on Saturdays. It’s so cute to wake up early and communicate with my Estonian teacher who can speak with you and correct your, sorry, my Jesus-fucking-Christ, mistakes.

Besides, I like to use duolingua application and use it to revision my grammar skill. I enjoyed to find it a couple of months ago. It’s my daily English activity.

I like to chat via Whatsapp application with my colleagues and friends, discuss some light and deep-minded topics. It helps me to improve my writing skill, my fast-responding skill.

I like to post records in my personal English blog. By the end of the year, It will have helped me to understand and observe my Aim 2020, really.

Bloody hell, I did about 100 posts! Sure, it’s the greatest and overwhelmed success for me, really. You are totally right I can write completely bullshits on my blog’s pages but It’s my blog! What I really want is be freely with English.

I wanna say fuck you to all my enemies and dickheading ill-wishers (a new good word). I’d rather o create new posts instead of sitting in the chair and smoking cigarettes.

Surprisingly today is a sunny day. I like summer and the sun personally. Hello, fucking Sun)

According to the situation with the Covid-19, I am filling a terrible pain in the ass sitting at home in the isolating regime. It’s fucking time but time to observe your life, to create new ideas, to love your families, to play, to chat, to meet virtually via zoom, skype and so on, to have sex, to cook delicious meals and a lot of funny things, especially, to drink a glass of delightful red or white wine…or send to someone something hopeful about a new stage of your relationships. Anyway, it is a brilliant time to develop yourself and understand what you are and who you are in the fucking life, bitches!

Катя Бекинселова…Kate Beckinsale video

I have a big problem with recognizing women speech and my new challenge is watching every Fucking day a new video with women voice to be more polite with it.

Today I found interesting a lot of video with the famous and adorable woman – Kate Beckinsale and a famous journalist Stephen Colbert. She is extremely brilliant and she knows a bit Russian. You can watch this video on my current page. she is 45 and It seems that she looks so beautiful because of her frecking vampier movies, totally! She always kicks their vampier asses every day!

The most hilarious part in the mentioned video was a part when Kate and a journalist were discussing Kate’s Instagram. Sorry, I have logged out from my Instagram and sent “fuck off” all my social networks. Anyway, she was describing a bunch photos from her Instagram and on one of the photos a journalist noticed a lamp with a penis) Of course, the TV channel banned a part of the image but you can check this photo on the Internet. Why did I write all this scrap about, she has to get out this fucking lamp from her home but I hope it\’s lovely ex-husband memorabilia.

Additionally, I got a couple of new phrases from the video like “I aced it” and She is an impeccable lady (this phrase from my Estonian teacher who has been learning with me many years). Only English, Fucking English, brothers and sisters! Cheers!

Darkness is coming

From my perspective, the next few months will be the most shocking in my life and life of my family. Covid-19 is here, in Russia, we cannot detect and protect yourself. The most important part of protection is self-isolation from the whole world. We must only sit down and relax in our houses and flats.

Besides, Russian will be dramatically decreasing human population and economy. Mr. Putin decided he is the best president for Russia but he isn’t. He has inspired by his fucking entourage. He is blinded by them. It’s an only politic game with us, civil … I hope, I really hope that he has a clearly understanding what the fuck is going on in Russia right now and what happens with economic and small business in Russia.

A new habit – avoiding social networking completely…

I dreamed to escape social media addiction. I truly understand, damn, I spend a lot of time sitting and browsing news in VK or FB. This day has came….

Todat I realized to escape the addiction and say to social networking – Piss off!

What the dickens? How can I use this type of sites to spend time so uneffectivly? Today i decided to kick them ass and remove them from my life.

Damn, it was so hard to click log out button and broke all social networking chains so fast as I could but I did it!

I guess Tomorrow’s morning my browser will be noticing me about fucking social platforms but I hope I will have closed all my relationship with this addiction.

Instead of browsing and serfing internet pages I would rather listen to music or reading lovely books about economic, self-motivation or body positive.


Covid-19 panic and my family

I check every day the situation of Covid-19 in Russia Yesterday I watched a couple of TV programmes by the Russian Government, I hope, they were not lying us about the current situation in Russia.

I really hope that Russians have anti-virus protection because during our life we have a lot of various types of flu and it will help us to protect this new, bitch, virus, I mean Covid-19 virus.

I really hope that our government will check every freaking day the situation and protect us from this fucking virus.

From my perspective, we must be ready to work from home and be more positive about our state at home. Don’t panic. It’s only a virus. Yes, I totally understand that it’s an absolutely dangerous situation for me and my family, and also, a family of my lovely co-workers.

My wife really fears this infection, this virus and my new problem is decreasing her attitude for it in this panic situation.

I strongly believe we can resolve this situation successfully. I hope all my and my family plan will be started and executed.

Be careful and healthy, best wishes, my brothers and sisters! Douchebag Covid-19, we will kill and isolate you totally. Piss off! Russian infection scientists and doctors will kick your ass absolutely!