About me

Brothers and sisters!

Nevermind who I am and what I am. You would have to know that I am a man from Russia. I write a lot of posts for that website to develop my ability to write English. All mistakes are my mistakes, all matches are random. It’s my life, my photos which I will publish on this site.

My hobbies are playing guitar, beautiful woman, muscle cars and motorbikes and I will post a lot of that jazz.

My current dream is buying a new motorbike by Triumph. My favourite model is the Triumph Thunderbird. I will do everything to achieve the aim like improve the salary size, bonuses, the volume of my bank accounts and investments accounts.

I love my wife and my children, and my relatives too. I do all that I can to be good father, son and grandson, you know what I mean.

I work in an IT company with incredible power and world-wide name but the company is tiny compared to Google or MS. Anyway, I like my job and all activities around me. My co-workers are brilliant especially women.

I have a bunch of projects when I am a great leader who can drive the teams for our customers. All my projects motivate me to commute and It seems that I found the place where I wanna work a couple of decades. Indeed!

Additionally, I am the first project manager who achieved a whole range of bonus packs for PM. I am the best)

The most difficult and hard-working part of my carrier was adding plenty of small and middle-range projects with foreign customers. Those days I was not good as PM and my level of English was bad. Nowadays I feel that I get to be a foreign-direction manager but my bosses always decide in another way and I have to change my priorities for a project driving.

That site is memorabilia of my thoughts and wishes for everyone who can read it.


If you have found an English grammar mistake or spelling error, please, notify Me by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.