Yearly financial goal

Yesterday I had a meeting with my bosses, a hard-talking meeting. I want to change my salary amount and before the meeting I sent an invitation with a short and clear agenda about my current situation and what I want to get from my company.

As I expected they have offered me a big financial carrot, it’s so naive approach…I accepted their offer because for now I don’t want to change the job position and from my point of view it’s a situation when I have to step out from comfort zone and try to achieve the most difficult and ambition goal in this year.

What the fuck? It’s so difficult goal. What I was thinking when I was accepting it! I know, totally know, this goal can ruin my family life and my hobbies completely because I will be focusing on the goal…

As fo me, I like it but I fear that if I will not get it It can influence on me dramatically, I mean, on my attitude to work, this job position…

i will use all my experience, all sales technologies and all my power to achieve the goal.

Now I lost two developers and It’s a bit risky for my plan and stability of getting a planned amount of money, weekly, monthly and yearly.

To the end of this week I must create a bunch of check lists and check point of the way to my goal.

Let’s play the game!…

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