I like autumn season

Sure, I like to see orange leaves and trees with old leaves. Every autumn morning when I go to the office I fell something like nostalgic. I’ve got some mixed feelings that winter is coming and soon I’ll see dirty and windy roads, streets and cold weather with wind and snow.

I like walking from nearest work metro to my office. It’s a nice place: narrow embenkment and a small tree park with tall trees ans lovely sand park paths. There are a lot of people with dogs: small and big, tall and fat, funny and angry dogs.

I like dogs, about 25 years ago I had a dog. It was a dog breed German shepherd. I loved him deeply. Iw was my friend, my lovely friend. I liked walking with him for hours. He was brave and strong dog with extremely funny character, especially with the wife.

Now, I absolutely discombobulate (my new old verb) because I wanna buy a dog for me and my family and that thoughts drills my mind daily. There are not two minds about that idea but that makes a lot of sense. What I really want is to be more athelitcs and powerfull. I belive the dog can help to imporve my physique body condition. That is easy to say but I have to discuss with all my family members about my crazy idea and the dog can destory all my ronovated rooms comlpletely. Hsi energy can be the reason of new bunch of conflicts and happiest stories, I hope…

On top of that autumn is the relaxing period of year seasons when you feel yourself absolutly relaxed and think of new year and other winter holidays. Great season, you know.

More than 20 years ago I’ve met my wife…03/11

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