My approach to keep to be addicted to guitar practice

You know motivation isn’t stable and you have to improve and rise daily because it’s your moving power or something like this.

The current week, every evening I was playing on my guitar intensivly, I mean, every day I was training patterns, spcial excersices and parts of solos for 1 hour or a bit longer. Excatly, before it I”ve added a notofication into my schedule to remind me about this routine.

What I’d like to say is at the end of the week my additcion is decrising and if you have the same situation you can watch some video with your favourites solos and songs. I hope I will help you as it helped me.

Additionally, I lined a simple scheme with week days to check them if I played good or bad. It also helps me keep it up. Totally.

Today I will schedule the 3 month education for guitar skill. I’ve bought 3 courses on I will record my results every fucking month on youtube or another video hosting to insert into my blog.

After my 3 month education I will go to a record base and record a demo with me guitar techniques. I really hope, I’ll do it.

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