Chapter 4. Chronicles of office life. “I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday…”

“It’s highly likely that my mind leads some difficult game with me. I have not had any spectacular dreams for a long time but last Saturday I saw… It was one of the best night sleep which I’ve seen. After waking up I’ve totally understood that It was real. My mind created so spectacular night dream that I felt, I totally felt what I saw. It was so realistic. It still shocks me. I saw me office and my colleagues and I was discussing all those troubles which I had in this period of time, I mean, last week. I saw everything what there are, I mean in this office space. After it I sat, I mean, I was sleeping in my night sleep, I saw myself sitting on my usual workplace and I saw the screen with all my tasks which I left on my desktop screen in the office. I was discussing with my co-workers all humor things and so on. and surprisingly I felt the hug of my neck and small kiss from someone behind me. It was so a lovely and amazingly action. And I knew that It was she…I didn’t see her but I knew it. My fucking brain visialized her perfectly after 3-4 sec after her warm hugging and I felt her warm of hugging on my skin… It was her hugging like the same as last time I’d seen her. It was she behind me…Really”

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