People in my life

Sometime I think all events, meetings and other important twists of fate are predictable.

My way, my life, my vision, my women – all this staff is created by someone, let’s called it God provision.

But surprisingly your faith kicked you and gave a hard question which stopped you and your life way under review. You started to estimate your good and bad sides, compare to other people an overview all your life.

Frankly speaking It usually painful procedure to recall all your fucking fails and fuck ups which you’ve done. Its your pain in your ass. Its your heritage, it is your projects and deals, your fucking scrap which you have to carry every single day to the end of your life…

Another topic is your children if you have them. It’s your personal continuation, your monumental creatures which will remember you of your behaviour, words, phrases and the most important – your attitude with them…

Your attention and love, your anger and fury, all this fucking staff, all this scap will moral kick you in the last your day.

I often discussed with my grandpa, he didn’t faith in God but he always told me that I should do what I want and need but I must remember about my last day and my final day…

Some people can improve you mentally or destroy your self-confidence or strike on your ability to life without troubles.

Thanks haven, most of my influence people especially women brought into my life only positive feelings and exclusive emotions, they improved my character, lifestyle and ability to think positively.

Each of elements of my life puzzle worsts to recall in the last day, on deathbed…

I do not regret my actions and words which I did or said. It’s my baggage to another dimention…

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