Shortly report about me and my environment

I had an extremely hardworking week. Surprisingly my punisher’s switched off English language in out long chat and now we are chatting only in Russian. From my perspective It’s good point to understand thoughts and the conversation more clearly and natively so…let’s do it on Russian. It’s not a problem for me. My mother is a Russian language teacher and I hope my Russian skill is perfect)

If you ask me about fucking Covid-19, I’d like to say FUCK YOU! I hate this topic. I hear about it everywhere. My wife always watch a fucking bunch of TV shows about Covod-19 and our celebrities use Covid-19 to promote themselves. From my point of view it’s the best opportunity to improve their rating and add a couple of fucking millions of members to their instagram-accounts, fucking bitches. By example, Stas Mikhailov was killing Covid-19 and now he is happy and I noticed his smiling face on the first channel of Russian TV! I’m not sure that he had the Covid-19. I hope yes but I think it’s is only the trend to have Covid-19 disease. I am fed up with talking about Covid-19. Please, change the topic, motherfuckers!

This week is the third week in the isolation. Yes, sometimes I go out from my home to buy a couple bags of products, food and some requiring goods but usually I am at home. Th isolations kills me mentally. Sure. It’s not my nature. I like to meet with people and now I hate every thing in my home. I am fed up with sitting at home and working without any connection to the real world! It’s so unnatural for me!

Yesterday, I gave a virtual kick from my English class. I did a lot of fucking mistakes. Yes, I am so stupid and not using all my brain and opportunities to improve my English. Additionally, before the lesson, I was preparing a challenging answer to my colleagues – I was recording a small video with my and my lovely blondie guitar. Yeah, It was an extremely useful experience. I used another approach to record my guitar playing: I was recording video on my smartphone and, in the same time, I was recording the track on MacBook Pro. My MacBook is too old but work perfectly for regular tasks like letters writing or browser surfing but for music recording it works a bit slowly.

I haven’t got my quarter bonus and I expected to spend my bonus to buy a used next generation MacBook. I hoped but….Fucking Covid-19 totally destroyed all my wishes to buy it. Not to mention of my new plans to buy a new goods.

Anyway, I’d like to share my experience to avoid social networking. I feel well after logged out from all my social networks. Sometimes, 1 time a month, I observe my Instagram account and add a couple of photos from my life just for fun and follow on my lovely punisher…maybe she’ll add a couple new shots or impressive dances. It’s only one exception.

Coffee, yes I like this beautiful and tasty drink but I excluded it from my life. Now I drink only green or seldom black tee with lemon.

From this week, following punisher advice, I’ve added a new healthy habit – every fucking morning I drink one or two glasses of water with lemon.

Next challenge is fasting weekend. I will be eating only green apples and drinking green tea with lemon. I’ll try…

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