Delicious shrimps

I love cooking. I am good at this topic. I have been cooking from starting my University’s education. I am the best in my family, you know.

What I really to do is cooking something new for me. I strongly believe that it is extremely good to be a chief for your family or your beloved person. It’s fucking awesome when you are able to prepare tasty coffee with a delicious meal for your wife or love. I like to share my experience with my friends and colleagues. My father and grandpa were and are the best example of the persons who are able to cook perfectly. My famous grand-pa was a chief in a hotel. I am proud to continue his traditions to be a little chief in my family.

Anyway, the last weekend I was searching, into my double-side fridge something to cook and I found it – under the mammoth part of the meat, I’ve found an old piece of deeply frozen gigantic shrimps which I had bought for my happy birthday.

After this opening…I was starting to search how to cook it perfectly because I thought I was the last chance to prepare so expansively product)… I sorted out with it and created my receipt for the shrimps which I’d like to share with you, my sisters and brothers.

Firstly, you have to buy one 1kg of shrimps or surprisingly have found them like me )))

Secondly, defrost it carefully under warm water because shrimps always save in the frost and a tiny layer of ice.

Thirdly, put them in a space bowl and add salt, a mix of red and black pepper and a bit ginger, and a bit balsamic vinegar. A secret ingredient – is a sliced grapefruit. It adds a bit new accent into your dish. Highly recommend. The shrimps should be put in a fridge from 2 to 4 hours to marinate them.

As a side dish, I like to use grilled potatoes. What I really like is preparing potatoes in my oven. I cut each of potatoes on 4 pieces and add a bit salt. Another way is to marinate potatoes in salt and pepper but from my perspective, that way is too long for me.

Then, after approximately 4 hours, I put shrimps into oven-pan and potatoes in another, and I put only potatoes in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees. It takes 20-30 minutes to half cook it.

Then I put another oven-pan with marinated shrimps into the oven. It lasts an additional 20 minutes to complete both parts of the dish.

The mission is completed. Please, add your girl or wife and a bottle of red wine to eat the dish!

Take the time and enjoy the meal!

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