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Today was a bit hard-working day with a million things which I had to do. The most important was delivering my brother from Airport to his clinic. He has a terrible disease which hurts him a lot. Fucking disease hard has transformed his body and his bones. I really feel pain when I meet with him every time. I love him a lot, yes,…really It hurts me. He isn’t able to work and he spends a lot of time to be more energized.

What I could do to stop this disease is helping him with that shit like buyin special medicine, pills, special vitamins and so on. Of course, it costs a bunch of money but….nevermind, I like to help him and I have to do it, it’s my debt.

Sometimes I am feeling terrible pain in my soul when I am arguing with my wife about this type of help but It’s my debt to do something with this brother’s disease.

After ending today’s workday, I was choosing a lot of new bluesy songs which I’ve added into my lovely playlist on Yandex.Music streaming service.

When I am listening to music I immerse into my deeply think process to observe my feeling and my project, wishes and dreams about the future.

Yes, I totally understand nowadays we are going to keep our asses at home and keep our health well but I like dreaming about my future. I live when I dream.

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