Labkovsky’s book has read and a new one by Sue Johnson is started.

A couple of days ago I have ended reading a book by Labkovsky. It was an extremely useful book for me, I’ve got and clarified a huge massive of my thoughts. I recognized my living mistakes and faults. You know, experience and impotent disease are going with years. This phrase always told me my first boss, the grand-pa Boiker. He was and he is funny and absolutely wise. I liked to work with him for 3 years. It was so happier and helpful years for my personality. Yes, we drunk vodka sometimes but it was a part of my carrier. It helped me to be more open-minded and polite with other people, I mean, my co-workers. In that time, I’ve started to meet with the first my clients and be more sociable.

Anyway, my new book is about love and I really hope to get more information about how to restore the relationship which has been demaged.

Yesterday I’ve read a couples chapters of the new reading book and I totally understand, I’ve not mistaken about the chosen book.

My plan works. I read 1 book per month. It’s comfortable reading speed for me.

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