My progress in guitar exercises

A couple of days ago I was recording the first version of acoustic background track for “Because you love me” song by Kaz Hawkins.

Recently I’ve sent a message to Kaz producer with asking to send me notes for this song. I hoped that he or she could send me that fucking stuff. Damn! No chance to get it from them.

Because of it, I’ve started to do it myself. Yes, I know, it is really hard to compile music and record it step by step. But vice versa I did a part of the song.

The most difficult part will be singing because my voice is too deep and non-appliable for this song but I’ll try to do the best version of my abilities. Maybe I would change a bit my voice applying song editors or some applications. I’ll try to find out solutions for this topic.

The problem is I don’t have a microphone to record my voice. Sure, I can use an internal microphone but I guess the quality of it is too low for my aim. Additionally, I should develop my vocal abilities to sing the song correctly with correct and perfect breathing. The question is how can develop it in so short time, I mean, 2-3 weeks? Bloody hell. How many questions and no answers. There are only my creative thoughts on the way to produce the song…

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