Covid-19 panic and my family

I check every day the situation of Covid-19 in Russia Yesterday I watched a couple of TV programmes by the Russian Government, I hope, they were not lying us about the current situation in Russia.

I really hope that Russians have anti-virus protection because during our life we have a lot of various types of flu and it will help us to protect this new, bitch, virus, I mean Covid-19 virus.

I really hope that our government will check every freaking day the situation and protect us from this fucking virus.

From my perspective, we must be ready to work from home and be more positive about our state at home. Don’t panic. It’s only a virus. Yes, I totally understand that it’s an absolutely dangerous situation for me and my family, and also, a family of my lovely co-workers.

My wife really fears this infection, this virus and my new problem is decreasing her attitude for it in this panic situation.

I strongly believe we can resolve this situation successfully. I hope all my and my family plan will be started and executed.

Be careful and healthy, best wishes, my brothers and sisters! Douchebag Covid-19, we will kill and isolate you totally. Piss off! Russian infection scientists and doctors will kick your ass absolutely!

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