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Today is my usual Monday. I woke up at about 6.00. Every Fucking day I train my body. I do a light version fo my personal training: 120-150 push up and vacuum 3-4 times and additionally, I use a roll to improve my 6 pack core muscles.

Tuesday and Saturday are my favorite days for Volleyball games. I like this games and I hope I am good as volleyball player.

Next my activity is English…don’t ask me how many hours I study English. I am crazy at Fucking English.

The most interesting and facsinating part is playing guitar. I keen on of it but now I have been studying English with LingvoExpert school and it spent all my free time. After ending this 8 month course I’ll restore my guitar excersises. I hope, I really hope that I will end all my second job activities and all summer weekends will play on my lovely guitar. I want to buy a new guitar amplifer or some device to extend my home guitar stuff collection.

Apart from that my collegue Victor has helped me to learn principles of cubic rubica. He gave  me a short instruction how puzzle it fast and productive. Now I am able to puzzle 2 rows of Cubic. It’s my a small achievment.

Of course, I love my family…I like to play chess with my daugher. A couple month ago It was funny but now It isn’t….He has been progerssing extremely fast and now I have to think of every fucking step during the chess match.

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