75 post anniversary!

Recently I’ve written 75 posts. Cool-cool-cool. It’s a lot of posts which I’ve been creating when I opened my blog. Yes, I totally understand that I make a lot of mistakes. I did and I will do them but I hope after writing 1000 posts my style will be another than today.

I totally noticed, according to Covid-19 Panic in Russia has started from the last weekend. My childer have got information about changing of education type, I mean they will study via Skype or other messengers. It’s really cool solution to protect pandemic of Covid-19.

I strongly believe that our government is able to stop the illness in a short time and everything will be okay with my family, friends, and former friends and lovely co-workers.

Our company has involved a lot of Covid-19 protecting rules in offices like new washing hands rules and repeating room air conditioning. I hope it helps us to protect the fucking illness.

Holy shit! My dreams about a lovely vacation on a see have broken by Covid-19. No tickets, no tours, no wishes…only fears, expectations and speculations.

Additionally, RUB/USD and RUB/EUR – has decreased fucking dramatically. I lost a part of my money after declined OPEK deal.

I’d like to add that I started to involve a new habit as escaping fucking chips, crisps, shushka-plushka-barranca and so on. I really hope this habit helps me to decrease my weight to my target weight which I noticed in Aim 2020.

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