My English activities kill me…

Recently I’ve recognized that my English activities spend a huge amount of time in my life. I read, write, speak, try to memorize, recall, consult, tell dirty words for myself, and so on. additionally, I have Lucas English class with my co-workers.

All activities drive me crazy! The last point was a new intermediate test which surprisingly I got from my teacher. What the fuck? Where is his plan for education?

I was in Moscow and sat in a cafe to do this fucking test! My smartphone was almost empty and I was trying to get audio files and translate fucking English voices through my old KOSS Porta Pro headphones. Internet connection was terrible and slow.

I was not on cloud nine when I did the test! The teacher said that it’s not a problem wor him and he isn’t concerned! Fuck ME! He isn’t concerned! It’s I was concerned that I didn’t prepare for that test and I was on a business trip. My head was full of fucking issues with my customers and external jobs. I sent the test but from my point of view, I was fucked, totally, fucked!

Holy shit, Lucas, you could send the test before our lesson to have time for preparing for us. Now I am in the emotional stress state of the passing this test and the final test.

In conclusion, the current weekend I wanna plan a lot of new English exercises to pass the final test in another case I should pay extra money for the English course. Fuck a duck…

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