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Recently I’ve started to read a good book by Mikhail Labkovsky, I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in my blog. He is a brilliant psychologist or the same specialist. It’s difficult for me to recognize a certain medical specification.

On his epic books, he describes situations which happen with us every fucking day, every time when you or we connect to each other as family, love relations, sex, life, thoughts, procrastination and so on.

10 years ago I would not choose that type of books but now I like books which investigate people and their relations. Perhaps, I stood older and a bit smarter, and I find the solutions of my crazy wishes and dreams.

From my perspective, every man and woman should study myself, it helps to improve self-orientation and confidence.

I’ve got form this book a new wave of my personality and attitude to external actions and internal thoughts.

Here you can find his Youtube channel – Labkovsky Youtube

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