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Today I’ve got a kick from my lovely motivator and I’ve rated her help in my life.

She reminds me of my 2020 aims and focuses on the my new habits. Cool-cool-cool!

I am sorry, my publisher last weekend I had a terrible fucking pain in my face because of pulling 8th teeth. I should done it in another way it will be problem for another near teeth. For this unpleasant procedure I’ve found my dental specialist who installed me a couple of implants 4 years ago. Yes, i know, I have installed these two implants. I lost my teeth and I should installed another pair of them. The doctor is genius. He created and installed so good teeth that they have been used like mine after a couple of months.

Nevermind I found my dentist who os able to do his work as Pro. I like his approach with patients. The most funny his phrase is “now I’ll hurt a bit” when he starts some dental manipulations with you. His arms are strong and powerful, maybe it is the reason why he is able to do any manipulations correctly.

His clinic is located near my district but beyond the circle road. The district called Novodevyatkino. It is pain for any car drivers. The roads…no, one fucking road is so busy and traffic jammed that I spend 40-50 minutes to deliver my body to the clinic. Fucking shit, where is the government? They should resolve the road problem for that district.

Moreover, the road surface quality is awfully… You can destroy your tires on this road. Unbelievable.

In conclusion, I pulled off one tooth and I am happy. After 2 months I should visit my another dentist to check the status of repaired teeth which I had been repaired recently.

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