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A couple years ago I couldn’t think about translating motivation phrases from Russian to English and last weekend something has reminded me about that idea.

I was thinking about it a pair of days and started to collect a list of motivators as my favourite list of them.

Before last weekend The list has done and I started to create a new project with the list.

Sorry, I cannot unhide the person whom I do it but the main reason is checking English skill, how can I translate it from Russian to English? Additionally, After translation I’ve checked the list with my Estonian grammar nazi who is my general English teacher and who has been improved my English level.

I did it but with technical point of view I should correct it a bit because after the next stage I couldn’t change anything, only move it in trash if i find mistakes.

If you have found an English grammar mistake or spelling error, please, notify Me by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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I am who try to learn English and it's my blog where I will describe all my thoughts, emotion and so on during my studying. Sorry for my mistakes! Cheers!

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