Nothing to write…

After posting 65+ posts I notice that I have no idea what I should write about another one post. Anyway, I’ll try to write a couple of lines, just to practice English.

Now 2-02 at the night or morning, I am feeling pain after a dental procedure, my tooth has cut out by a dentist. I am feeling the smell of blood, my head like a dumb, no chance to write something new or positive.

Today I was training with my second Volleyball team. We had the game with 4×4 players. It was fun and extremely intensive. I’ve checked a lot of important things which I will improve during the next months.

Yesterday and two days ago I was creating a new motivation placard. I translated a bunch of emotional phrases from Labkovsky and created the placard.

My wife went out of the hospital after hand-reconstruct surgery. In my opinion, It was the best choice to do this surgery: the doctor was great and pro but nurse service was terrible and awful.

It worth to notice that this year will be a new era of my growth in different areas of my life, I think so. I’ve outlined the greatest aims to achieve. I hope I will do them no matter what. I feel something new in my heart…

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