It’s unbelievable but it works!

I have been reading a lot of motivating books. Some of them re-telling others but surprisingly I started to understand one thing which I’ve got from this type of books. You should transform knowledge which you have been gotten from books and involve in your life: partly or completely but you should or must if you wanna get new results in your life.

Some people say that you should choose a personal teacher or punisher for yourself who can motivate you, give you a bit of advice or say “good night” in the night.

The best idea for choosing that the motivator should like you and each other. You must connect with each other mentally, after it, all your activities will work by themself.

Perhaps, I found the motivator for me. I try to say it accuracy: I feel her influence and her attitude for me. I can send my thoughts and my fears her and get advice or some reaction to my thoughts. It’s extremely useful to know another opinion.

It is worth noting that sometimes she sends me a small message only for fun and I feel emotional growth after her messages.

In conclusion, I haven’t a clue how long time we can chat together and she will be able to motivate to get new goals but I really hope It will be for years or decades.

Big-big thank you for your help, my lovely punisher)

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