My memorabilia…

Last weekend was extremely fascinating and exciting. I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of my Graduating from Aerospace University. There were a lot of my colleagues from the University. The lovely place, the lovely faces and a ton of smiles! I was so happy to see them!

I have some strange feeling after this celebrating. I am so happy but a bit sadly after it. I know that I can make a call and all of them will be happy to hear my fucking voice but…It looks like after the next 20 years we can not remember a lot of details and funny stories from our education. Who knows…nobody knows who can join the next the 40th Anniversary. It’s drearily.

From my perspective, all of us were ready to join together and were ready to discuss a lot of family topics, business topics and stories for those old years when we were so young and funny.

It’s a bit nostalgic to think that I am so old but not expired and I’m vintage.

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