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Nowadays I have been restarting an old project with German company. Th company is an old manufacturer who produce special locks for hotels and meeting rooms.

The locks have hardware part and software part. We are the owner of software part because my company is able to develop software solutions for many of industrial markets.

From my perspective their products have a lot of advantages like modern secret technology and using BLE ( Bluetooth low energy) technology for the locks.

As i mentioned before we are restarting the project because the last developer who has been leading this project went out from our company.

It was a terrible months when I was trying to find a new candidate for the project: I searched everywhere to find him. I and my hr-manager hunted everywhere to find him and in the end of last year we have found a new developer for us.

As usual he had particular qualities when I accepted his CV. But it was so small and unnecessary that we grabbed him from the market) it worth it.

The best disadvantage was a lack of English knowledge and an additional disadvantage – introverting character of him. He is so introverting… I don’t know what I should do with it?

He is not ugly or strange. He is handsome man but why is he so introverting? I haven’t a clue.

Anyway, I am losing my track a bit. I decided to improve his English level through my teaching. I started to feel that teaching is my second person. The most difficult part in the teaching is understanding what he has git from your lesson.

I teach him twice a week for 30 minutes. I don’t have mire time for it but it seems that the lessons are productive and its helps him to be more confident and he is getting a couple of English knowledge in concentrating portion or dozen.

In conclusion, I hope all my power and energy helps him to be polite, confident and start to communicate with the customer directly without me. Now I am working as a russian-english translator)

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