Today I am a bit rusty…

As you mentioned, I love to play volleyball. It’s my favourite sports activity and as for me, I play volleyball twice a week. Yesterday I visited a traditional training with the cherry team because of it I feel rusty.

From my side, it’s so dynamic and energetic type of sport which can develop your speed, reaction, power and fast thinking to do the next step.

I strongly believe that it protects my body and do my back straight and strong.

Additionally, I get a lot of good opportunities to see beautiful girls which play with me and near me I play and train with Cherry team which has about 10 girls in various sizes and play quality. From my point of view the best way to have a good and stable state of volleyball is playing a lot with various players.

On Saturdays I play with two men teams who play extremely hard and fast compare to sexy cherry team.

Anyway, both possibilities do healthy me and my old body. Indeed.

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