Monthly 2020 Aim observing procedure

Last weekend I overviewed my current 2020 obligations. On the start of the year, I did 2020 obligations which I try to involve or did. I used a well-known approach using MindMap application to get from my mind all my wishes and hopes.

That list is huge and impressive. I split my aims for 7 areas of me like:

  • Health and sports,
  • Finance
  • Family
  • Personality
  • English
  • Work
  • Hobby

For each area of the list I’ve added a couple of branches for each area and every fucking month I do an overviewing procedure to clean and refactor my successful or nor tasks (it’s a sub-branch) and add new tasks into my Aims 2020 plan.

Additionally, I did a file with rates from 1 to 10 for each of my improving areas and every freaking month I measure the area rate.

My current and important principle is improving only bad areas with low rates. I don’t improve and change good areas where the rate of more than 7 points. Also, I created a file with areas rates and my financial plan, sorry, not a plan – only financial results of my all financial instruments like bank accounts, investment accounts and foreign currency bank accounts.

I strongly believe that scheme can lead me to my Aim 2020.

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