Today I’m an energizer…

Today I feel absolutely motivated and energized. I woke up at 5-32, yesterday I fell asleep about 22-45 or smth like this. But in the middle of night sleep, I woke up and felt a terrible neckache because of sleeping on my stomach. It’s the worst pose for sleep and my neck. with installed titanium construction.

After that episode, I fell asleep again and woke up, as I mentioned, about 5-35.

My cat, my lovely Britain cat, was sleeping and snoring when I prepared for my new workday as usual…I realized my internal sleeping clock is adapted for a new schedule and it’s a great result for my mind. My mind power has energy for a full-time job. Additionally, I avoid sugar from my daily meal and It seems It’s the reason why I feel perfect.

One of my 2020 aims is avoiding sugar products and cookies. You would know how it is difficult don’t eat that tasty cookies, especially, my wife’s pies. Yammy…

But my body knows another way and I should avoid and protect to getting sugar into my body.

You can find sugar everywhere. In each product, you can find sugar or its substitutes. It’s fucking crazy!

One thing is I am energized only by walking fast and getting up early not because of eating sugar or its substitutes! I like walking on my foot and walking on embankments in Spb. There are a lot fo beautiful and pleasant places on my commute. Indeed!

Sometimes I think that I am too old writing that stuff but I look around and keep going and doing my favourite things, training, and other activities. I am a happy man, totally!

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