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Today I woke up a bit early than last week did it. Surprisingly, I feel better. My body and brain are adapted to wake up early and I guess next week I can decrease the number of sleeping hours.

Additionally, the solar day is growing, I mean the count of hours when the sun is shining. Today is SPB was a terrible morning with windy and wet weather. I prefer to choose a taxi instead of walking on my lovely “Черная речка” embankment.

Yesterday I continued to learn the song which I’ve chosen since I started a new attempt to play the guitar well. The fucking barre chords are getting well and I hope from the next week I will start to learn two solo parts of my blues song. Barre is the most difficult part of the song. H chords like this…

аккорд B (H) на 2 ладу

Beyond that, I listen to my chosen blues song every day and to the end of that week, I will able to sing the whole lyrics from that song, I calculated I can listen to the song 5 times when I have a commute to home. Indeed!

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