I bet a great deal…

I always try to play on my guitar but it was without any reasons and aims. Only as fun. Honestly, I did a lot of attempts to improve the quality of playing and I’ve fallen all of those.

Finally, I wanted to find the reason for my procrastination. And now I bet to play only one song but completely, I mean, I should learn it completely – with chords, lyrics, solo and collect all that jazz into one song. I will be difficult to do but I’ll try to achieve it.

I did a plan for it:

  • I found a song which liked. I like blues, you know.
  • I printed chords and text, then…
  • I transcribed solos and wrote down all notes.
  • Additionally, I found a great website to look up chords for any song. Here you are – Chordify
  • Next step will be a lot of practice and mix it in one song.
  • I guess I will use my old MacOs to record it via Garageband application.
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