We live a once…

Go out from shit work, take away from dirty flat and clean it up from freaking garbage. Breathe deeply, don’t let someone decides instead of you, fuck off whiners and brain worms. Let’s try something new – in sex, in food, in music. Don’t fear. Sing everywhere not only in a shower. Speak with your relationship a lot. Fight for your love. Don’t humiliate yourself. Fight back at last or let’s say fuck you. Wear costume and sneakers together and don’t worry that you work in a fortune list company. Read books a lot. Do for yourself and be a bit egoistic. Go fast to other cities on weekends. Train your body, be stronger. Laugh a lot and without a reason. Become your support and basement.

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I am who try to learn English and it's my blog where I will describe all my thoughts, emotion and so on during my studying. Sorry for my mistakes! Cheers!