I wanna…

Sometimes i wanna return back in the time when I was 20 or 17. There were a bunch of funny stories and episodes with my friends. We didn’t think about money and other important things. We only lived without fucking troubles and economic things. We didn’t find new books about motivation, money growing and other fucking shit what you can look up around us nowadays. We walked on foot and play games, met with together and had a funny party with playing on a guitar and cards.

Where are those things now? I used to be a funny boy. I always think of new projects and issues, resolve family problems and decide hard communicate conflicts.

I wanna be a man without stupid task. I wanna live and feel happy.

I fed up of new achievement. I don’t wanna achieve something. I wanna live as beloved man without obligations, negotiations and verifications of plans, aims an target points. Fucking shit.

I fed up of it…

I envy the people who can have hobby which transformed into a business. I tried to do the same but I lost it. I missed out of attention some extra important aspects of business and I crashed my business on reality. It’s hard to understand that I didn’t read books in the time when my business was working.

I was concerned on getting money for my personal but I didn’t observe around my business and didn’t think about feature plans and perspectives if my business. I was concentrated on the certain moment of time…i didn’t have time for thinking and planning and reading business books.

And now I has read a ton of books since closed my company and I know a lot of my faults and mistakes but I don’t want to start my business again. I cannot restart my company. I don’t feel energetic fire in my mind. Maybe I am too old for it, right?

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