Coach dinner

I recognize that I could do a bit more then only project management. I feel happy and get emotional rise when I can translate my skills, my experience, and my knowledge to someone.

I’ve read a ton of books – a part of them are stupid and not necessary but most of them powerful and worthy.

As for me I like to help people when they ask me about it. I like to see sparkle in their eyes. It opens my mind to translate all my knowledge and my experience to avoid people the mistakes which I have been doing. I did them a lot and will do it a lot in the future but if I don’t like a person I will not transfer my experience fully and completely as fast and power as I can.

Today was the evening when all stars shined and I felt emotional support to help her to get faith in herself and now she has a various ways to achieve her aims 2020. She hide them from me but the day will come when she will open her aims…

I really appreciate to do it for someone who worth it and she is… Don’t try to get something indecent or amoral. She teaches my and I teach her.

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