How to write correctly feeling and looking sentences.

Yesterday I got a new task from my office English teacher. He explained many ways to describe feeling, looking, tasting and sounding sentences. They are absolutely and wildly popular.

Let’s drill it trough that post.

  • She feels good.
  • She looks georgeous.
  • He smells brilliant.
  • It feels strange.
  • They look nervous.
  • I look as if I have been drinking vodka several months.
  • She look as if she had a terrific news.
  • She sounds like a rusty pipe.
  • I feel as if I was getting a ton of mango.
  • She looks as though she was dancing for 3 hours.
  • She looks like a sexy dentist in well-known porn videos.
  • I feel a bit rusty after training volleyball.
  • I look tired.
  • I look like a girl after a night without a sleep.
  • My hair looks like a spaghetti manufacturer.
  • I feel independent.
  • I feel depends on my wishes.

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