First foreign customer meeting without preparation

Yesterday I was in daily routine but one thing worth noting. I met with my German customer without any preparation.

This was a meeting when we showed a demo version of Tuya SDK test application for Android smartphones.

The topic was known an understandable to me. I tried to explain a lot if details. My new colleague was sitting without any comments. He said only two phrases – hello and goodbye).

From my point of view his activity is too small but his emotional portrait is introvert. I used to be as him but now I transferred myself into extravert person who able to speak loudly and have an active life position.

I guess that it helps me to achieve different results in my carrier and my business.

But that my extravert position accords only for work and business and not for lifestyle. It’s tricky for me. Perhaps I can pretend like a superhero in my office and be as tiny mouse in other places.

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