25 post anniversary) Great job, man!

Hello, hello, hello! Today is the First of February and me celebrating my 25 post anniversary. It is fantastic, motherfuckers! I did the first 25 posts on my blog. I strongly believe It’s a great job because English isn’t mother-tongue language and I always need adding new words and expanding my active vocabulary to do that chore.

What I really need is reading a ton of new books and articles. It helps me to overwhelming expand my vocabulary as a part of strategies to get a new level of English which is the year aim.

I must admit that I am able to write down all my simple thoughts using the current version of active vocabulary. A couple of years before I was not able to do that routine without using an online version of well-known translators like Google.translator or Yandex.translator. I would say you must expand your ACTIVE vocabulary through writing messages, essays, novels or other pieces of holy crap.

It works ONLY when you use your active vocabulary. I know it. You can remember mammoth numbers of words but if you don’t use it you lose it, brothers and sisters. It’s a law of life!

If you have found an English grammar mistake or spelling error, please, notify Me by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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