Welcome to the volleyball team

Yesterday I had sport routine as my Volleyball time. I am used to training my Volleyball skills as a hit, an attack, blocking and so on. Additionally, I like to do a lot of jumps during training.

I have begun to notice that my hit accuracy is decreasing and it seems the reason for it – my eyes. My vision is dramatically dropped down. I get used glasses when I was young and now I am used to using it when I am driving a car.
Occasionally, I understand that I have a chance to decide the problem with hitting balls in Volleyball – yesterday I tried to use contact lenses on my training. It works, mother fuckers!!! It helped me to hit the balls more accuracy and I’ve added more power hitting the ball than without them!

After my training I got … drum roll please ..an offer to join to a Volleyball team as a player. Great news for but my wife has used that news for a lot of jokes, I mean, she asked me about the Olympic games or famous competitions and so on)

As for me – it is a great chance to be more active and younger, you know what I mean, but I will spend more time on it.

The first training is scheduled on the next Sunday. Yep-yep-yep!

Welcome to the club)))

Картинки по запросу welcome to the club buddy мем

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