Yesterday’s reading… Yamaha T-max Gen3

I like scooters because they look cool and don’t have any gears. They created for relax mode of driving.

Yesterday I’ve read a couple of articles which describe Yamaha T-max scooter. I like this model of a scooter but I reckon it has a lot of difficulties in use compare to a motorbike. I’ve observed only one model – T-max Generation 3.

Картинки по запросу yamaha tmax 2010

First of all – a ton of plastic details! It looks absolutely fantastic but it’s not practical. I mean you can hit a bit your t-max scooter and repair the plastic detail.

Secondly – an extremely difficult construction to change oil and air filters. Why do manufacturers install the filters so difficult? WTF? Unfortunately, you have to take apart your scooter changing an air filter.

Картинки по запросу yamaha tmax 2010 changing air filter

I don’t like it) Really! It’s not worth it.

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