Next week, the next stage of my improving

Next week will be hardest for me. I’d like to add a lot of new habits in my life. I reckon I have to add new types of sports activities like and avoid lift in my home.

To be honest, my faith in my strong attitude to improve something in my life isn’t good and it seems that I have to do something with it. Maybe I should add a couple of minutes of meditation or relax time during my day to do myself more stable and predictable.

The most difficult time is evenings when I come home after a workday and I have time to relax but I don’t relax. I feel a bit nervous and don’t relax because I am thinking of my deals and work issues. I am supposed to think about it and avoid that state of mind.

My former co-worker, Alexander, advised me meditation as the cure of that nervous state of mind. He’s read a lot of books about it when he lived in New Zealand. He is used to relaxing every fucking day and he feels better from one day to another.

As for me, the most powerful method of relaxation is playing on guitar. I like it and I reckon that when I am playing on my guitar I start to feel better and I can think more clearly.

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