I did a small pause but today I am online!

Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters. I’ve returned after my little vacation. I mean I was a little ill. I had a headache and It was a terrible period of time when I got up with a headache and I’ve been hurting it.

So, now I am fine and wanna continue my lovely English blog about my life, my feelings and happy moments.

The last Saturday I played Volleyball gams for 2.5 hours. It was not bad but I think I could play better. I lost a month without my regular Volleyball lessons with Cherry team. The cherry team is a women Volleyball team who trains with a professional trainer and…me) It is a series of funny lessons. You can imagine a lot of beautiful and young sportswomen who are taller than me and who can play with you) Unbelievable!

I am supposed to continue my lessons because I feel that I have done a lot of mistakes during the last game practice and It’s the point to improve my Volleyball skill. I have to dispose of the flaws in my playing.

Nowadays, I have a low level of attack skill and middle level of ball tacking. Additionally, I must develop an attack skill.

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