I’d like to share a Library with PDF-version of famous magazines

I’d like to recommend the resource to find a PDF-version of a bunch of famous magazines. Here you are:


As I noticed you can download the file if it available and surprisingly you are downloading them from VK secret pages. Russian are always special agents, as usual, you know what I mean, always hackers)

I’ve downloaded them to improve my reading skill, honestly, I like to read some helpful stuff which I interested in like guitar, relationship with women, business skills, or celebrity gossips.

Additionally, I like to observe a lot of adv pictures during reading to get new ideas from them. I used to create that type of Art a decade years ago.

The most popular magazine as I expected is Playboy magazine)…and a lot of men magazines. Exactly! You can check the top-10 list of magazines below:


Interestingly, the last position of the top-10 is Harvard business review)

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