A new plugin installed on my blog to help me understand my English mistakes.

A couple of days before I decided to add a new feature for my future users – a mailer for my English mistakes to me. It means that from Yesterday you have an opportunity to send me my mistakes which I have been doing in my posts. It’s a great idea to get feedback from my users.

How to use that feature you’ll ask me? It’s simple. Below every post, you can find the red icon and when you mark my mistake you should press buttons “Ctrl + Enter” together. That’s all but it helps me to know my mistakes.

Thanks a bunch, my users!

If you have found an English grammar mistake or spelling error, please, notify Me by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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I am who try to learn English and it's my blog where I will describe all my thoughts, emotion and so on during my studying. Sorry for my mistakes! Cheers!